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How to Distinguish a Process Water Cooler from a Chiller

There are numerous manufacturers in the water cooler market. Water coolers are also called chillers but it is important to draw a clear distinction between process water coolers and chillers for

Why Are Coalescing Filters Installed in Pairs?

In an industrial manufacturing plant, coalescing filters are probably the most important piece of purification equipment found in a compressed air system. They treat six of the ten main

Why You Need a Maintenance Plan for Manufacturing Equipment

In a manufacturing facility, it is essential that equipment runs at optimum performance, not only to maintain production but also ensure staff safety and product quality. In many cases, when

Sizing a Chiller for Your Application - What You Need to Know

When sizing chillers for an application, it is necessary to ensure the unit adequately sized to handle maximum process loads in worst-case site conditions. However, customers may fail to plan for